How does FootHandle work?
FootHandle is, literally, a door handle you use with your foot. If you would normally open the door with your right hand, use your right foot. If the door opens towards you, put your foot on the pull plate and pull it towards you as if you are taking a step. If the door opens away from you, push it open using the push-plate.

What’s in the box?
Each FootHandle kit comes with:

  1. A FootHandle push-plate
  2. A FootHandle pull plate
  3. FootHandle stickers for the door to advise people that you’ve installed it

What are the installation instructions?
Just follow this guide.

What are the dimensions of the Standard version ?
The information on all the product dimensions are available in this PDF.

Is FootHandle safe for kids and older people to use?

How secure is FootHandle to the door?
We make every FootHandle tough so if you follow the instructions you’ll have no problems with it. Ever.

How long is the FootHandle warranty?
It’s a lifetime warranty so whatever other things you have to worry about, FootHandle isn’t one of them.

Can I see the datasheet?
Yes, here it is [Link to PDF].

Where do you ship to?
We ship worldwide.

Order your FootHandle NOW

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Manufactured in Ireland in high grade steel. The easily installed FootHandle is the perfect solution for areas with heavy use and footfall.

€39.99 Ex VAT

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Back Pushplate

Added door protection with our integrated back pushplate.

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